There are so many things to consider when planning and designing (or re-designing) a room in your home – that's why we created a range of Handy Guides and tips to help you choose the best layout and combination of cupboards, ensuring you get the most out of your living space.

Think of our cupboards as a blank canvas designed for you to get creative with!

What we love about it: no two projects are ever the same.  


To get started, you need the exact measurements of your room (see our useful Measuring Guide). From there you will be able to get to work on drawing up a room plan and create your own 'shopping list' of cupboards.


From measuring up for your project, to the fitting and painting of your cupboards, we have created a range of handy guides to help you. Our supply-only cupboards are made using thoughtfully chosen materials and traditional handcrafted methods so that you can enjoy superior quality hand-painted cupboards. Find out more about Measuring, Fitting, and Painting as well as our 8 Top Guides on planning and creating a beautifully designed space. Suitable for use in a wide variety of rooms and spaces - visit our Inspiration Page to see some of our most loved and interesting projects.