Ready to fit your British Standard cupboards? To achieve the desired level of finish, you have two ways to go. DIY or hire a builder or fitter. 

Keen to try it yourself? Fitting is straightforward once you understand the process and have some traditional carpentry skills to fall back on. Prefer to involve a professional? The majority of our customers hire a builder or fitter to help with their fitting. 

In both cases, please download our Fitting Guides for a step-by-step explanation on how to fit your British Standard Cupboards and read an overview of what is required below. We also have a list of experienced fitters who have been recommended to us by our clients, just ask and we’ll send over the details!


Most kitchens are designed so that the top of the work surface is 900mm above the finished kitchen floor. You will note our cupboards already measure 915mm without the worktop, this is because we have allowed a 45mm scribe on the bottom which can be cut off if you have a perfectly level kitchen floor, or scribed to the floor if the floor undulates or slopes.


Wall Cupboards are usually fitted 500mm above a 900mm worktop, if your worktop is thicker than 30mm then this dimension will be diminished. 500mm is a comfortable dimension and if you have any Tall Cupboards in your kitchen the cupboard tops will line through. If you don’t have any Tall Cupboards you can vary this height to suit your preference.


Counterstanding Cupboards are designed to sit hard on the worktop and are fixed to the wall in the same way as a Wall Cupboard, using a batten and screwing down through the top overhang at the rear of the Cupboard. You may wish to fit a corresponding batten at approximately 100mm above the worktop, to hold the cupboard straight.


These are similar to the Floor Cupboards in that they have a 45mm scribe on the bottom; if your floor is perfectly level this should be removed so that the top of the cupboard is at the datum height of 2180mm. With uneven floors it may be that you do not need to remove exactly 45mm but this will depend on the scribe to the floor (please see floor cupboards fitting guide).


The worktops are designed to have a 30mm overhang at the front, whether wooden or stone. With wooden worktops, we recommend that you fix at the front through the top rail but at the back of the cupboard you will see we have slotted holes in the top of the cupboard. This is to enable you to fix the back through these holes and into the worktop with a screw and washer.


Our screen elements are supplied in fixed widths and heights with the exception of the variable elements which can be ordered in custom width. The screens are designed to have a 5mm shadow gap all round so the opening should be constructed at 10mm taller and wider than the overall height and width of the run of the screen. Openings must be level and have plumb sides.