One of the best things about British Standard Cupboards? The ability to add your own colour to an otherwise blank canvas. Every British Standard Cupboard is painted in an off white, ready to be primed and painted in your chosen colour!

Just like fitting we find that many of our customers choose to have an experienced painter come and finish this last step.

While, of course, you can do it yourself we are also happy to share our reccs of painters.

Going it alone? We suggest a waterbased eggshell paint although love the mix of an eggshell and a gloss finish. Something to have fun with!

We recommend hand painting your cupboards. For best results use a small foam roller, then go over the area with a paint brush (a good quality synthetic bush if possible – try Purdy’s). With all paints, before applying an additional coat, the previous coat should be lightly sanded back in preparation, as this allows for a good adhesion. We recommend that you use a suitable primer before applying your chosen topcoat, the undercoat we apply is to protect and seal the wooden doors and frames.

For much more detailed information please refer to our Guide No.1 How To Paint Your Cupboards.