London Craft Week

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Rush Matters for London Craft Week. We are joining forces with Bedfordshire-based Felicity Irons - founder of Rush Matters and one of the last remaining English rush weavers - to host a workshop at our recently refurbished Hoxton Showroom. Students will learn how to make their very own basket, using crops Irons harvested herself from a punt on the river Ouse and a range of techniques including twining, coiling, plaiting, knotting, sewing and roping. Over the course of a freshly prepared lunch, Irons will be in conversation with Katie Fontana, founder of British Standard, discussing the history and traditions of a craft that remains unchanged since Anglo Saxon times. To mark the start of the festival, Irons will unveil a striking window installation featuring bolts of English freshwater bulrush measuring up to 10ft in length, decorated with dried blooms from Kitten Grayson Flowers. If you would like to join in, please book via our Eventbrite page here.

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2nd April 2019

London Craft Week

1st April 2019

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24th July 2018