Bath BA2

A series of floor cupboards and drawers in a U-shape around the edge of a room makes a pretty kitchen. A central island for socialising + storage. Open shelves climb up the wall and host collected crockery + kitchen essentials. Concrete-effect worktops offset the pink hue of the cupboards.
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1.-4.No.122 1.5m Loose Shelving£160.00
5.-8. No.124 Medium Brackets£65.00
9.-11. No.35 Floor Boarded End Panels£80.00
12.-15. No.14 Pan Drawers£1525.00
16.-17. No.10 Drop Down Bin£950.00
18. No.19 Large Single Sink Cupboard£930.00
19. No.6 Medium Single Cupboard with Drawer£1010.00
20. No.9 Medium Corner Cupboard£1175.00
21-22. No.104 Tall Boarded End Panel£140.00
23. No.92 Tall Oven Housing£2,105.00
24. No.39 Single Leg and Side£85.00
25. No.120 Standard Cornice£75.00