Bath BA2

When the kitchen is also the play room, use bright colours + have fun with it. Mirroring the long narrow window, the task area stretches along one wall, punctuated by tall cupboards grouped together on the end. A sunshine yellow island sits opposite giving a place to cook + open shelves to display.
1. No.14 Pan Drawers£1,524.00
2. No.24 Integrated Appliance Housing£765.00
3. No.5 Medium Double Cupboard£1,276.00
4. No.10 Drop Down Bin£946.00
5. No.11 Tray Space£451.00
6. No.14 Pan Drawers£1,524.00
7. No.92 Tall Double Oven Housing£2,101.00
8. No.93 Tall Two Door Fridge Freezer Housing£1,881.00
9. No.91 Tall Two Door Larder£1,854.00
10. No.14 Pan Drawers£1,524.00
11. No.5 Medium Double Cupboard£1,276.00
12. No.2 Medium Single Cupboard£787.00
13.-14. No.32 Half Depth Open Shelves£825.00
15.-16. No.104 Tall Boarded End Panel£138.00
17.-20. No.35 Boarded End Panel£77.00
21.-22. No.120 3M Standard Cornice£72.00