Wall Cupboards

Wall Cupboards are usually fitted 500mm above a 900mm high worktop, though if your worktop is thicker than 30mm then this dimension will diminish. 500mm is a comfortable dimension and if you have any Tall Cupboards in your kitchen the cupboard tops will line through. If you don’t have any Tall Cupboards, you can vary this height to suit your preference.

You will note that the cupboard top has been extended at the back by 20mm, which will enable you to hook/support the Wall Cupboard on a 2” x 1” batten fixed to the wall. It is intended that you screw down through the top of the Wall Cupboard into this batten so that the fixings are hidden and not visible inside the cupboard.

A corresponding batten should be fixed to the wall at approximately 600mm above a 900mm worktop, to hold the cupboard straight. You can fix through the cupboard back into this batten but in our experience, fixing just the top is sufficient. If you have a particularly low ceiling and cannot get your screwdriver in over the top of the cupboard to get a secret fixing, you will have to fix through the cupboard back.