Tall Fridge Freezer

Again, this has been designed to accommodate various standard fridges on the market. We recommend cutting out most of the back panel leaving a c.50mm border around the outside for strength. This is to help with venting your appliance, but please refer to your appliance installation instructions for the full list of product requirements. The doors and centre rail have not been fitted as these will be fitted to your fridge and freezer.

In most cases the centre rail will be dowelled to the lower door and this will be the point where the fridge/freezer splits. In some cases you may wish to dowel the rail to the upper door and in some cases where you are just fitting a one door fridge/freezer, it is intended that the rail is dowelled to both the top and the bottom door (forming one door) and we would recommend that you show a 2.5mm gap around the rail to give the appearance that these are separate doors.

With fridge/freezer appliances you have the option of going for a 'Fixed Hinge' or 'Sliding Hinge' system. If you are unclear of which option your appliance uses, please check with the manufacturer. Ultimately they each do the same thing, but if you have a sliding hinge fridge, you will need an additional (4x) Butt Hinges to hang the doors off the leg. As you then open the door, it pulls the fridge door open. If you go for the fixed hinge system, you don't need anything else from us to make it work with our Housing. The timber door is affixed directly onto the appliance door and hinges off of the appliance.

Your fridge/freezer will have a split ratio; 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30. The 50/50 option won’t work with our housing, so go for either the 60/40 or 70/30. In our experience, the 70/30 works best as the appliance can sit hard on the base and the doors fall in line with the appliance door split. You may find that with the 60/40 split you’ll need to raise the appliance up slightly so that the doors align. An extra-long modesty panel has been provided, which will need to be cut down to close the top of the fridge housing. Some people prefer to put a shelf over the top of the fridge so that you have a little bit more storage rather than closing this void. It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for ventilation.