One of the benefits to British Standard Cupboards is the ability to add your own colour to an otherwise blank canvas. To help you on your way, every cupboard comes primed and undercoated ready for collection. We generally recommend using oil-based eggshell paint, though we have used water-based paint in our showroom. This isn’t a problem and is actually better for the environment, though we have found it doesn’t give the level of hardiness that oil-based paint would offer.

We recommend hand painting your cupboards. In an ideal world, where ones patience is willing, you would apply the paint using a small foam roller, then go over the area with a paint brush (a good quality synthetic bush if possible – try Purdy’s). With all paints, before applying an additional coat, the previous coat should be lightly sanded back in preparation, as this allows for a good adhesion.

For more information please refer to our How To Paint Your Cupboards Guide.