Integrated Appliance Housing

This will come as a standard housing to fit both your under-counter fridge or freezer or a standard height dishwasher. We recommend referring to the manufacturer’s fitting instructions for guidance on points such as ventilation requirements for each. You can find this in the installation instructions supplied with the appliance.

The sides of the carcass first need to be ‘flushed out’ with the 6mm MDF provided. You’ll notice it comes in a long length measuring 100mm wide, which can be cut down into shorter strips. This is to stabilise the fridge in the housing. Note at this point that the front two flushing strips will be visible and need to be painted, so you may wish to prime these before fitting them.

At this point you will need to follow the installation instructions provided by the appliance manufacturer. The skirting may need to be adapted in height to allow for sufficient ventilation (you may need to remove the back panel for this), making sure that the appliance is easily removable, using the magnetic catches provided in case the fridge needs servicing.