End Panels


The End Panels supplied are double sided, Boarded on one side and Plain on the other depending on your choice of style, they are completely reversible. You will notice one edge has a small bead or quirk, it is intended that this edge butts up to the back of the front leg or façade and the plain edge is scribed to the back wall.


Fitting Guide


Again your school compass will come in handy here. The panel needs to be offered up to the rear wall and the front edge should be plumb. This can be achieved by putting small packers under the back or front of the panel.

Measure the dimension between the back of the leg and the front of the End Panel which is now protruding past the cupboard and set your school compass to this dimension. Now go to the rear wall and follow the contour of the wall down marking the panel with your HB pencil. This again is your scribe line and as before should be undercut to get a tight finish against the wall.


The panel should then be packed off with 6mm packers, these can be gripfixed or screwed to the carcass, and then the End Panel fitted to these, firstly with gripfix or similar and finally panel pinned through the panel into the packers.


carpenter's plane


These holes will need to be filled and painted when you finally decorate your cupboards, in our experience two pack filler is the best because it does not shrink.