Integrated Appliance Housing


This will come as a standard housing to fit both your undercounter fridge or freezer and a standard height dishwasher.

There are two options:
Undercounter Fridge or Freezer - Firstly you will need to remove the back panel and ensure that there is adequate ventilation at the back of the fridge. The sides of the carcass should be ‘flushed out’ with 6mm MDF. This is to stabilise the fridge in the housing. The fridge is normally fitted to the carcass at the hinge positions. The door is fitted to the fridge itself and the skirting will need to be adapted in height to allow for sufficient ventilation, making sure that it is easily removable in case the fridge needs servicing.

Dishwasher - Again, the back panel will need to be removed as most dishwashers will be deeper than the carcass. The sides of the carcass will need to be ‘flushed out’ to make the dishwasher stable within the housing (see Undercounter Fridge). The dishwasher is normally fixed to the head rail or sides of the housing and the door fitted to the front. The skirting will need to be reduced in height to suit the under swing of the door to the dishwasher, and this then fixed with magnetic catches to the flushed outsides of the carcass.