Integrated Appliance Facade




This comes as a kit of parts, a door, headrail, and skirting which are fitted directly to the fridge/dishwasher, so that the machine can sit between two floor cupboards without the need for a housing.

Fridge/Freezer - The sides of the adjacent cupboards need to be ‘flushed out’ (see Undercounter Fridge) and the fridge secured. The headrail should be fixed at either end to the cupboards each side. The door and the skirting are fitted as described in our fitting instructions for the Integrated Appliance Housing, Undercounter Fridge.

Dishwasher - As above, the sides of the adjacent cupboards need to be ‘flushed out’ and the head rail fixed at either end. The dishwasher should be fixed to the head rail or sides, and the door and skirting fitted as previously described (see Integrated Dishwasher Housing).

It is essential that when you are installing say a dishwasher next to a Belfast/French Farmhouse sink you will need to use a Single Leg & Side to support the worktop adjacent to the sink. Internally the side will require packing in order to secure the dishwasher/fridge.