Tools you’ll need for fitting:
Hand Saw, School Compass, Mitre Saw, Jigsaw, Long Spirit Level,
Router, Tape Measure, General Hand Tools






Most kitchens are designed so that the top of the work surface is 900mm above the finished kitchen floor.

You will note our cupboards already measure 900mm without the worktop, this is because we have allowed 30mm extra (a 30mm scribe) on the bottom which can be cut off if you have a perfectly level kitchen floor, or scribed to the floor if the floor undulates or slopes.

If you are using a British Standard worktop which is 30mm thick (and you have a perfectly level floor) 30mm will need to be removed from the cupboards; however if you have say chosen marble which is 20mm thick (and again you have a perfectly level floor) then only 20mm needs to be taken off the legs to maintain a worktop height of 900mm. If you have chosen a worktop which is say 40mm thick then you should aim to have a finished worktop height of 910mm as it is unwise to cut the cupboards themselves down to less than 870mm in height as it will cause problems with the height of integrated appliances. It also should be noted that certain appliances are a little higher than standard, this may have a bearing on your worktop height so make sure you check to see if they will fit before cutting the cupboards down.

If you have a sloping or an undulating floor and you are say using a 30mm thick worktop, you should aim for the cupboards to be 870mm high where the floor is at it‘s highest, they will be taller than that therefore where the floor slopes downwards, ensuring that if you have an integrated appliance where the floor is at it’s highest the machine will still fit.

Because of the design of our cupboards, where the legs go right down to the floor, we fully recommend that wooden, stone and ceramic floors are laid before fitting. Wall cupboards are designed to be fitted with a 500mm gap between the work surface and underside of the cupboards (assuming the work surface is 900mm above the floor) to line up with any tall fridge freezer housings/larders that you may have ordered.

The cupboards come in Broken White and can be repainted in any durable paint finish that you may choose.

Ironmongery is not supplied or fitted, you can either buy some from us or choose your own.